A short story, once upon a time a man was walking on the street, he saw a monkey and offered him a banana and a $ bill and guess what,
the monkey took the banana instead of a $ bill. You must be thinking that it’s a silly story and you have wasted your time reading it, however,
let me tell you, there is a hidden message in this teeny tiny story.

Let’s continue the story, a monkey will always choose a banana because he doesn’t know that the money can buy him more bananas.
In the real world, if you offer a JOB or a business opportunity to someone, he/she would choose a JOB instead of a business opportunity because he/she doesn’t know that the BUSINESS can bring him/her more MONEY than wages. The profit you create through the BUSINESS can bring you a fortune, however, the wages can make you a living.

The day before yesterday I met a gentleman whose son is about to graduate from high school and planning to apply for the different colleges, this gentleman was worried because his son wanted to go to the MIT, during our conversation he mentioned that he can’t afford the tuition fee because he is the only earning person in the family and barely make enough money to pay the bills.
Most of the time we choose to live a comfortable life because we think everything else besides the job is risky, the risk is there even in the job too isn’t that true? between you and your success, the ONLY variable factor is YOU.YOU change yourself, everything else will change for you.

On average a person works 100,000 hours in a job for someone else in his/her entire lifetime. My jaws were dropped when I heard this the first time. ASK this question to yourself, it doesn’t matter where you’re in your life at this moment, “If you die today, CAN you pass on your job to your kids?”
I shall end this POST with a beautiful quote by Mr. Bill Gates.
“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake”