It takes months to find a customer…… and seconds to lose them.

Vince Lombardi

Most of us can recall a time when someone went not just a little but WAY beyond the call of duty for us. that kind of experience
stands out, of course. When someone goes the extra mile on our behalf, we want to keep that person in our circle. Why? Because we prefer that experience of working with people who never go the extra mile or barely meet our expectations. At best, that’s a mediocre experience.
Does that mean you have to go the extra mile each and every time you interact with someone? No. But what I do want is for you to recognize the opportunities to do so. Once you start noticing those situations where, with just little extra effort, you can do more than expected. Doing so will put yourself and your team at a significant competitive advantage.

There is a story about a company FLAVORX(They manufacture a machine that takes terrible-testing medications and flavors them in a way that kids love them). It turns out that when kids get to choose the flavor of their medicine, the % that actually takes the medication soars to around 90%. Sounds good so far, right? There is a catch, though, and here is where the concept of the extra mile comes into play.
If the customer asks for a FLAVORx, it takes the pharmacist an extra 45 seconds to fill the prescription. Some pharmacies are so focused on productivity that they often don’t want to take an extra 45 seconds to do that, even if it’s better customer experience.
Here’s my question: If you’re the parent, which pharmacist are you willing to go back to? the one who asks what kinds of flavor you want for your kid’s medicine or the one who just handover the medicine without even asking your preference?
As a business owner, whatever you do, though, remember this: you must never, ever make the customer feel as if he/she is an inconvenience when you go the extra mile.

Remember these 3 key points

  • Recognize opportunities to improve the quality of experience with just a little extra effort.
  • You don’t have to do something big to make a difference. There are plenty of situations where something very small can improve an existing relationship.
  • Never, ever make the other person feel like an inconvenience. Aim to deliver an exceptional experience every time, with no string attached.

From the Book: Be amazing Or Go Home by Shep Hyken