I just DON’T have time to do certain things, I wish I can be successful like him/her, WHY I’m no better than the person X. WHY I have so many problems. WHY always me! WHY I’m always late to the office.
I’m sure like me, other people are also caught up in different situations or I would say different WHY’s of life and searching a solution to get out of their current situation. I’m sure we all want a better life, however, you need to pause your life for a second and THINK, nothing else JUST THINK, “how can you change your situation?”from my experience most of the time we create the situations for our self just by thinking and thinking about it . Let me tell you one thing, without taking necessary actions things won’t change. YES, THE ACTION, not the action you see in the movies :).
Oho you must be saying “Kumar” cut the crap and come to the point.
Well, I’m coming to the point. At the tipping point of your situation you will hear a voice a Inner voice a voice of wisdom and I must tell, you follow the instruction of your inner voice. When that happen, your body and brain send you signals to wake up and pay attention to your situation. Your inner instincts may seems stupid in the moment, but when you honor them with deliberate action, it can change your life.
There’s more to this point about acting on your inner instincts than just the phrase “trust your gut”, New research from the University of Arizona, in the partnership with Cornell and Duke, has shown that there’s a powerful connection between your brain and your instinct to act.
Let’s say you have situation that you’re overweight and your goal is to get healthier, If you walk into the living room, nothing happens. If you walk past a gym, however your perfrontal cortex lights up because you are near something related to getting healthier. As you pass the gym, you’ll feel like you SHOULD exercise. That’s an instinct reminding you of the goal. That’s your inner wisdom, and it’s import to pay attention to it, no matter how small or silly that instinct may seem.
Let me give you a simple formula to fix your situation.
Lift off.
scratching your head?
let me explain further, imagine you have a dificulty waking
up early in the morning, you put a alrm every day but when the alrm clock ring in the morning you put it to snooze and sneak into the bed again. Instead to hitting the snooze button, just wake up and count 5,4,3,2,1 & get off from the bed. This may seems silly, but it works.

I hope this simple formula can help, if you don’t believe me than read the book “The 5 seconds Rule to transform your file”