How to manage your RA

Imagine a morning you woke up and feeling tightness in your hand joints, and you’re not able to make a fist, you’re wondering what’s going on with me. You get off the bed and ready to start your day. You reach your home’s entrance door, the moment you turn the doorknob your wrist started hurting. In the evening, while washing dishes after dinner, your hands are hurting so badly that you need to leave the unwashed dishes in the sink.

Your condition is not different from the 1.5 million Americans who are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by a bad immune system(in the majority of cases). In R A, something is not right with your immune system and it’s attacking your joints. Between every joint in our body, there is a protective cushion that prevents joint bones to fuse. A bad immune system starts attacking these cushions between the joints, when it happens, you will feel inflammation, swelling, and pain in your joints. Your symptom can range from mild to severe depending on your Sex, Age, and genetics.

Six symptom of Rheumatoid

1)In the morning, when you get off from your bed and if you feel stiffness in the joints lasting for more than an hour, then it’s a sign of RA.
2)Soft tissue swelling in the finger joints, especially the joint closer to the nails, and swelling in the elbow, wrist, knee, ankle.
3)More than one joint is swollen,
4)An hump on and around the joints.
5)The positive RA factor number in your blood work, a higher number is a symptom of RA.
6)An X-ray can also show the loss of calcium in the bones, which is also a sign of RA.

How to reduce pain if you have RA

1)Make sure to drink the filtered water the easiest and most effective is to use a water filtration system. Do not use the RO filters. RO filters remove the necessary minerals from the water.
2)Making sure your bowel moment is ok, if it's not, then don’t forget to take probiotics. A healthy GUT makes a healthy immune system.
3)Remove any mercury teeth filling you have.
4)Air quality inside the house is five times worse than outside. In a study of 400-500 houses in New Jersey, more than five volatile chemicals were found in the indoor air. Keep the windows open once a day or use an air filter in the room where you spend most of your time.
5)An excess iron can enhance the symptom of arthritis, specially fortified breakfast cereal. The reason is, various micro-organism thrives on the excess of iron in the body.

"Killing Pain without painkillers"

As I mentioned above, pain killers are good for the short term, taking a pain killer for a long time can worsen your immune system. There are a bunch of pain killer alternatives that you can try which doesn’t have the side effect of a pain killer.

  • Boswellia is an Ayurveda herb. It alleviates pain, it is also known for lowering your blood lipid too
  • Devil's claw can greatly improve your knee and hip pain
  • Borage oil can help you reduce your inflammation, breast pain, menopause.
  • Organic sulfur has natural anti-inflammatory properties 

How to protect your joints

1)Save the energy and save the day
It’s better to organize your day, do not try to do too many things in a single day. Be realistic on what are the tasks you want to do on a given day. For example, It’s not a good idea to clean the whole house in a day, try to spread the workload evenly over the week. You can do some physical activities but sit down and enjoy a game or read a book.

2)Avoid sitting in a single position
When you sit in a single position for a long period, it tends to impact the muscles and places more strain on the joints,
Change your position every couple of hours to avoid putting pressure on the same sets of muscles. If your job doesn’t allow you to move every hour, then stretch your legs every 20 minutes.

3)Discouraging deformities
In RA, the very first joints that get impacted are fingers. If your fingers are impacted then you need to be very careful while using your hands.

These are the things you can do if your finger joints hurt

                                                   1)Hold your dinner plate using your palm instead of your fingers.
                                                   2)Use the palm when opening jars and bottles.
                                                   3)Use the jar opener to open the jar.
                                                   4)Use a wall tin opener for tins if they do not have a ring pull opener.
                                                   5)Buy utensils that have a large handle to reduce the strain.
                                                   6)Use cup having thick handle instead of thin.
                                                   7)Use a thick grip pen instead of a thin grip.
                                                   8)Use a tray to carry items.
                                                   9)Carry the shopping bags on the shoulder instead of holding in the hand.

Paint Management

Ayurveda massage
Seriously? Do I need to go back in time and rely on hundreds of years of medical practice? The answer is yes.
In Ayurveda massage, there are herbs and oil used to relax, easing tension around your joints. This sort of massage allows your joints to move easily. In the US, there are tons of Ayurveda massage centers especially if you’re living on the east coast however, it’s not cheap. If you can take a break from your work then I would advise you to take a trip to the southern part of India (Kerala). Kerala is known for the Ayurveda. My personal experience was amazing when I visited one of the massage centers back in 2017, you have to stay there for 1-2 weeks to see the results.

Changing the diet can make a significant change in your arthritis pain. Some studies have demonstrated that a vegetarian or vegan diet is beneficial. Patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis who switched to a low-fat vegan diet had significant reductions in rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Fasting is one of the ways to see the results quicker. Total fasting induces within a few days a substantial reduction of joint swelling, morning stiffness, and other arthritic symptoms.

Disability equipment that helps
A study done in early 2000 shows that people having RA can decrease their pain significantly when using assistive devices.

1)Kettle tripper
Lifting a kettle to pour the coffee in your mug can become painful sometimes, it put a lot of strain on your wrist joints. Having a kettle tripper in your kitchen is a great addition. Your morning will be far less painful.

2)L shape knives
If you have limited strength in your hand then using an L shape knife makes more sense instead of regular straight knives.

2)Electric tin opener
If you love cooking and buy tin veggies, kidney beans, etc then having an electric tin opener makes more sense instead of using the manual tin opener where you have to twist your finger and thumb to open the tin.

3)Key turner
If keys are difficult for you to manage then a key turner can be bought to give you more leverage.

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