​Your Personal Branding Matters

​Whether you're an employee lower in the org chart or a C level executive, your personal brand image is in a constant state of development,  your image is being built in the things you do and things you say. Your impact on others never stops, Every choice, every action, and the attitudes that go with them count for those serious about building success and having a great brand. What you're committed to  and how well or poorly you execute your task and your role makes the difference between your brand being an asset or liability to your life.

But what is personal branding and why it is so important?

There is a saying that people don't do business with companies, they do business with people they like. There’s just something about a connection with a human being that creates a level of endearment and customer loyalty beyond any relationship a company could ever reach. The strong bond people have with one another can’t be overestimated. Some people see branding as a promise, others as an image, some people see it as an experience, and others as an attribute.  No matter what answer is given to define a brand, every answer is correct. Brand is defined by how every aspect of it affect people individually, down to every detail. As such, the definition of a brand that brings opportunity for growth in your career is this, your brand is the total combined experience those you work with have with you in every area of the relationship, It includes how you dress, communicate, listen, and prepare for meetings; the thoroughness of your work how you handle conflict; the value you deliver; your attitude and so on.

These are few of the brand attribute

Let's talk about eye contact. Imagine three scenarios of talking with someone. In one there is an awkward or prolonged absence of eye contact; the second has just right amount of eye contact; in the third you experience the stalker like , strange, way-too much "get out of my face" eye contact. Three brands of eye contact, all affecting the image conveyed. Bottom line? improving our brand involves the big things down to the details and everything between.

You can trust that those around you are constantly evaluating how you are performing and contributing to the company or to their life personally. Evaluation, measurement, judgement.. whatever the term, we are always under scrutiny at some level from everyone in our realm of influence. Human beings never stop discerning. It's a survival mechanism that is very valuable in determining who we can invite, introduce, promote, and more. The people you know well--- even those who know you casually are continually forming opinions establishing feelings, and setting up criteria to assess and clarify the brand of you whether you like it or not. No one can run from that. So back to the question:: As a brand, would you buy yourself or keep shopping? This question should be considered in both your career and personal life. We are brand a brand not  as a professional but also as mother, father son, daughter, spouse, friend, partner or even casual acquaintance.  Our brand is always acting as an asset to others or a liability,  building brand equity or creating deficits.

As this question to yourself, What is ​my brand?