How to deal with your Osteoarthritis

20 to 40 million Americans are suffering from Osteoarthritis.

On average, there are 7 million doctor visits every year because of Osteoarthritis. In terms of $, $17 Billion spent on treating Osteoarthritis every year. Although both men and women may suffer from osteoarthritis, and both may suffer in the same body parts, generally, men suffer more in the lower spine and hip than do women, who suffer more in the cervical spine and fingers.

What is Osteoarthritis?

When you look at your bone structure under the microscope it will look like a honeycomb, when osteoarthritis happens, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in healthy bone. When these holes get bigger, the bone density gets reduce and you will feel weakness in the bones as if it's going to break if you walk too fast or lift your 3-year-old grand kid.

There are twelve different types of protein in your body and one of them is collagen, it's responsible for the elasticity of your joints and act as a glue between the body's cells. Osteoarthritis tends to impact the collagen protein in your joints and you will start feeling weakness in your bones. What you eat, how stress you're and, thyroid deficiency they all contribute to Osteoarthritis. It is very important to pay attention to these factors if you have OA.

Supplements that help in Osteoarthritis


Boron works through the parathyroid to stop or reduce calcium loss in women who suffer from osteoarthritis. Boron also helps to increase the natural hormones in older women, to normal. Do not take Boron if you're drinking a fluoridated water. A tea made from fluoridated water will have more fluoride than cold water alone.


If you are living in the UK and suffering from arthritis then look for Osteo Trace(for the people over 50) or B-Alive(for the people below 50).


Vitamin D3

Modern civilization spends most of their time indoors it creates vitamin D deficiency by preventing sunlight exposure to our body. vitamin D makes calcium “biologically active,” through ionization, to be soluble and usable for the body’s needs. If you have Vitamin D3 deficiency your bones will be weak and you will also feel anxiety, fatigue, depression, diarrhea, leg cramps, constipation, asthma, and allergies. 

Liver oil

Cod liver oil is used as a source of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is also used as a source of fat called omega-3 for heart healthdepressionarthritis, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to any use. liver oil contains certain "fatty acids" that prevent the blood from clotting easily. These fatty acids also reduce pain and swelling.


Niacinamide is not only used for treating OA it's also used to treat people who have vitamin B3 deficiency.Do not get confused Niacinamide with Niacin they are different.

How right nutrient can help if you have Osteoarthritis?

let's take a look at the story of John

When Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D(not alive now) was asked for m edical help by 66 years- old John, John had already been a patient of a highly

a competent alternative physician with complaints of severe "shooting pains" in both knees. John's diet was satisfactory, and his health otherwise excellent, in part because of the vitamin and mineral supplementation treatments he'd already received, but his pain had not disappeared. However, he'd

had serious medical problems in the past, including coronary bypass surgery. John had been told to exercise, so he'd taken up walking, doing two miles each day, but now walking had become painful, which frightened and concerned him. The lack of exercise would adversely affect his heart, whereas, the walking adversely affected his knees. John received the Atkins Center standard evaluation, which in arthritis: RHEUMATOID DISEASES CURED AT LAST WITH OSTEOARTHRITIS 38 cluded a glucose tolerance test that indicated hypoglycemia, a condition of low blood sugar. It was also discovered that he was sensitive to nightshades, yeast, cheese, wheat, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, oranges, and vinegar. (See Chapter II, “General Dietary Recommendations for the Rheumatoid Arthritic,” Rheumatoid Arthritis.). The doctor suggested him to take Niacinamide, Boron and liver oil, he also took John off of the foods to which John had shown a sensitivity. (Later Dr. Atkins added selenium and L-cysteine, and manganese, to his Center's arthritic formula.) 

In a week after the food allergies had been identified, John was walking with but mild discomfort. When he tested the foods again, his pains returned. By the second week of removal from foods to which he'd become sensitive, John's pains had disappeared, and they have not returned. John walks long distances and has added bicycling and gardening to his exercise program. Dr. Atkins reports that "If you didn't know that John had undergone serious cardiac surgery, you would probably guess he was a good ten to fifteen years younger than his sixty-six years. I can't honestly say now whether what I've done for John constituted a cure or a remission, but he is still well."61 Like John, you want relief from pain, and freedom once again to move. The treatments that follow will be one or more that will most likely provide you with the relief desired. We've categorized these treatments into (1) proper diet and nutrition, (2) useful botanical, (3) body energy medicine practices, (4) body structure problems, (5) and stress.

 How acidic level in you body is related to arthritis?

Based on the results of a saliva test on  a "Litmus paper" can tell you how acidic or Alkaline your body is.There will also be a number chart, indicating concentration of acid or alkaline fluids in the saliva. The concentration of ionized hydrogen
is measured with the litmus paper by a pH (concentration of hydrogen on) scale that ranges from 4.5 to 7.5.  A healthy person had neutral to alkaline saliva readings on litmus paper of 7.5 to 7 pH (almost black to dark purple) . A Unhealthy person, on the other hand, have acidic saliva readings showing evidence of acidic blood pH at or below 6.5 (greenish, brown, tan, orange, and yellow). The best time for taking the litmus test is 11am just before eating. At least 1-2 hours should pass since eating, drinking, or chewing anything. With in few months of diet and supplement changes you can bring your acid level to normal. Remember, if your body is acidic than you will have inflammation issues in your

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