Change the way you live

Who do you want to be??

There are two categories of people you will find around you.

People who lighten up the whole room the moment they step in, others would love to be around with these categories of people. Have you ever noticed some people sitting in a room isolated, not talking much, not smiling at all, and not even interacting with others? These people fall under the second category.

I'm not judging anyone here. My interpretation may be different from yours however this is what I see every day.

The question is, can the people in the second category change? the answer is Yes and No, Yes, if you're willing to change, No, if you don't want to change and want to live the way as it is. Everything starts with you and ends with you. One thing that is standing between you and your happiness is YOU. Magic will happen the moment you decide to change your life. 

The question is, where do you start with?

Let's start with your body, ask these questions.

  • Am I eating healthy?
  • Am I abusing my body?
  • Am I cleansing my body(Not related to taking a bath ok)?
  • Am I listening to my body?

Let's drill on these points

I did a survey couple of years ago to find out if people are eating healthy or not. Out of 200 people, 198 people said they eat healthy every day. My next question to them was to list down the food you eat in the last 3 days. Take a look at the list below I got that they think are healthy food.

  • Pasta
  • Salad with all kinds of ranch
  • Lunch and dinner loaded with Red Meat
  • White bread sandwiches

Frozen food 

  • Meatloaf
  • Lasagna
  • Fried Rice
  • Burrito
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • All the delicious canned food

This list can go on. You must be thinking there is nothing wrong with the above food. But I can tell you everything is wrong with the above food. Most commercially made white flour(used for pasta and bread) is bleached and conditioned, which increases its shelf life and makes it better for baking. Some ingredients are relatively harmless, while others are outright dangerous and can cause constipation, heart problems, and diabetes.

All the white flour products are high in calories and, our body is not able to use this form of dead energy. All they do is congest the intestines where they ferment and putrefy. This is the first location in the body where waste, meaning extra weight, starts to accumulate and when the intestinal “vessel” is full, it begins distributing the waste to other areas of the body as well.

All the frozen food and canned food taste delicious you just need to take them out of the box microwave it and boom, your lunch or dinner is ready in 10 minutes. According to the CDC, 70% of the sodium we consume comes from canned or frozen food. Eating too much-frozen food and canned food can increase your blood pressure and leaving you at an increased risk of stroke and/or heart disease.

some frozen foods, especially frozen pizza, and other pies, contain harmful partially hydrogenated oil, which could be putting your heart in danger, according to the American Heart Association. Check the ingredients of whatever frozen food you're buying to avoid this artery-clogging fate.

Many of the most popular frozen foods are low-calorie meals like Lean Cuisines, which contain way fewer than the number of calories per meal recommended by nutritionists. When you don't get enough energy from your food, you're hurting your body. The body will start sacrificing muscle, as it is more metabolically 'expensive' to maintain. So you lose weight, then break your diet and overeat.

Body Detoxification

Why do we sleep at night? The answer is simple we want to give our body enough rest to prepare for the next day. What if someone wakes you up every two hours in the night? how does your day look like then? I guess I don't have to explain that any further. This is what this new trend so-called intermittent fasting is doing to your body. Most of the study related to intermittent fasting was done on animals and that too for a very short period.

This is what you may experience during intermittent fasting

  • Brain fog
  • Blood sugar swing
  • Mood change
  • Headache
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Lead to overeating during the eating period
  • Nourishment deficiency 
  • Eating disorder

Does that mean you shouldn't fast? That is not what i am trying to say. If intermittent fasting works for you without the above issues sure, you can continue doing that.

Is there a better way of fasting? The answer is yes and this has been a practice since the Vedic period in India.

Fasting has no religious basis, rather it is a training for self-discipline and an opportunity to gain greater self-knowledge. We strengthen our inner willpower by fasting and through this we can better manage our life in the world.

The holy grail of fasting

Ekadashi fasting(11th day of the moon cycle), BTW this fasting is widely adopted by some Hollywood celebrities(Demi Moore and Madonna).

What is Ekadashi(Moon) fasting?

Understand the Moon

You must be thinking why do I have to understand the Moon and what does it have to do with the Body detoxification? Let me explain.

The moon passes through different phases while orbiting the earth and it takes 28 days Approx. (27.322 days) to complete a full rotation. During these 28 days, the moon goes through a series of phases and each phase has an impact on all the living creatures on earth due to the gravitational pull. If you remember your science lesson, high tides in the sea are caused by the moon’s gravitational pull. Our body is 60%-70% of water and the moon’s gravitational pull DOES cause an impact on humans.

New Moon

While orbiting the earth when the moon comes between the earth and the sun, we are no longer able to see it. This is called the New Moon, fasting on this day can prevent many diseases at this time your body is more than ready to purify itself from an accumulated toxin in the body.

Waxing Moon

The crescent moon AKA waxing moon, from here to the full moon takes 13 days, whatever nourishment is given to the body this time will be much more beneficial than any other day of the month.

Full Moon

This is the time when the moon exhibits a strong influence on all the planetary life forms. Since the body tends to hold fluids during a full moon, it’s not advisable to fast on this day.

The Waning Moon

Also known as the healing moon, this is the time when the moon is overshadowed again. At this time, physical activity requires less energy and the digestive system works efficiently on this day.

Which moon days are best suited for fasting?

The answer is waning, and Waxing moon days are best suited for fasting. From the 11th day of the moon phase onward to the 5th day after the full or new moon, the digestive process is slower than usual. To avoid complications, it is imperative to clear up the digestive tract of previous residues every 11th day of the moon cycle to prepare for the coming ten days of sluggish digestion.

What should you eat on the fasting day?

These foods are advisable 

  • watermelon
  • Juice of fruit or vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Pumpkin puree

A closing note, eating healthy, fasting, and regular workout not only keep you healthy but can also add few more years to your life.

Some people say that you must eat vitamins to fill the nutrition gap however, before you buy any vitamins download this report "6 dirty secrets about multivitamins". This report will tell you what to look for when buying vitamins.