Leadership Myth


I’m NOT a born leader, So I can’t Lead

Leaders are not born. Well, okay they’re born. What I really mean is that your ability to lead is not set at birth. While it’s true
that some people are born with more natural gifts that will help them lead at a higher level, everyone has the potential to become a leader. And leadership can be developed and improved by anyone willing to put in the effort.

A Title And Seniority Will automatically Make Me A Leader

This kind of thinking is common, people think they need to be appointed to a position of leadership based on seniority when the reality is that becoming a good leader requires desire and some basic tools. you can have no title or seniority and be a good leader.

Work Experience Will Automatically Make Me A Leader

Leadership is like maturity. It doesn’t automatically come with age. Sometimes age comes alone. Tenure doesn’t create leadership ability. In fact, it’s more likely to engender entitlement than leadership ability.

I’m Waiting Until I Get A position To Start Developing As a Leader

This assumption has been very frustrating, people would always say, “if I ever become a leader”, meaning if they were ever appointed to a leadership position “then they may be doing wonders”. As legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said: “When an opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare”. If you start learning about leadership NOW, not only will you increase your opportunities, but you’ll also make the most of them when they arrive.

—- By John Maxwell (Developing leaders within your) —-