painkillers without painkiller

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Painkillers Without Painkiller "Drugs never cure disease they merely hush the voice of nature's protest" After spending your whole day in the office, you take a ride back to the home in your car. After [...]


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Change the way you live Who do you want to be?? There are two categories of people you will find around you. People who lighten up the whole room the moment they step in, others [...]


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How to deal with your Osteoarthritis 20 to 40 million Americans are suffering from Osteoarthritis. On average, there are 7 million doctor visits every year because of Osteoarthritis. In terms of $, $17 Billion spent [...]


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The 28 Days Detox Challenge ​Story of John ​John, a middle-aged person having a good family life, makes sure to spend some time every day with her ten years old daughter. He loves reading bedtime [...]


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​How to manage your RA ​Imagine a morning you woke up and feeling tightness in your hand joints, and you’re not able to make a fist, you’re wondering what’s going on with me. You get [...]


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​AMERICANS ARE SPENDING $4 BILLION ON MULTIVITAMINS Imagine your next-door neighbor comes to you and said, I’m taking this magic vitamin pill and it’s doing wonders for me. My question to you is, should you [...]


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​   Your nutrition soup bowl Imagine you walked into a drugstore and you stepped into an aisle full of vitamins, minerals, and supplements from company A to company Z, and you must be thinking how [...]


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​AMERICANS ARE SPENDING $4BILLION ON MULTIVITAMINS Every year people in the US spend $4billion on vitamins and supplements question is WHY? very simple, everyone is looking for a healthy and longer life. If you understand [...]

Why Trust is important?

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Why Trust is important? Stephen Covey in his book The Speed of Trust pointed out how low trust costs time and money, and he used a fantastic example to it. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, [...]

Leadership Myth

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Leadership Myth   I'm NOT a born leader, So I can't Lead Leaders are not born. Well, okay they're born. What I really mean is that your ability to lead is not set at birth. [...]