Take a look at the picture, what do you see? Do you see a glass half full OR do you see a glass half empty? I’m sure you have seen and heard this question so many times before because we have seen it so many times and being a smart person we will always say the glass is half full.
Just pause right there and thing again, does it really matter wheater the glass is half full OR half empty? why not see it from a new angle? don’t you think that what’s in the glass matters more? a half a glass of water can crunch the thirst of a person who desperately needs it. Half a glass of milk can feed a baby who is hungry since morning. Why did I give these two examples? I want you to understand one thing, we have been conditioned to think about the way society is teaching us. We don’t pause for a second and think out of the box. You can’t expect a different result while doing the same thing that others are doing it.
In today’s world, everyone is looking for a short cut for success, unfortunately, there isn’t a shortcut for success. To be successful you need to do what others aren’t willing to do, crossing all the hurdles which many people can’t. Remember success is NOT a destination it’s a journey.


I will close this POST with a story

Once there was a competition among the FROGS to climb a building and reach to the top, everyone started climbing it, some of them climbed a little bit and fall back on the ground, some of them climbed half of the building and fall back on the ground, there was one FROG who kept moving.
The other FROGS who fall on the ground started passing judgment about the FROG who kept moving to the top, they said to each other, it can’t be done we all tried it, you will see that this FROG will also fall down to the ground, and guess what that FROG reached to the top and won the competition.
When you start your success journey, you will find FROGS(people), who will always try to pull you back by words, by comments, by negative thoughts.
Don’t listen to them just keep on keeping on.