Let me start this blog with a story, a few months ago one morning my phone rang.

I answered the call and found myself talking to an American Express customer care executive, she called me to verify some of the recent charges that had shown on my account, she explained to me that there was certain unusual purchase pattern. She told me

these purchases were made in the middle east and I certainly didn’t visit the middle east in my entire life. It looked as if my card might have been compromised; after talking with her we figured out that there were in fact about a dozen charges from the other side of the world that I had not made. The customer service executive assured me that I would not be responsible for any of those charges. She then informed me that she would make sure that the account was closed and I would receive a new card. She said the credit card will arrive in the next 24 hours, however, I was supposed to catch a flight the next day and there is no way I can be present to receive the new credit card. To my amazement, the customer care executive asked me if it’s ok to send the card to the hotel where I’m planning to stay during my trip and I said YES. And the next morning I received my credit card at the hotel front desk.

Few things to learn from this story

Proactiveness in solving the problem

If the American Express was not proactive I wouldn’t have known the problem existed until my next bill came, by that time it would have been too late and who knows how much money I end up paying from my pocket for the expenses which I never occurred.

Take full responsibility

the American Express as a whole took the initiative to solve my problem, my problem became their problem, I didn’t have to do anything but to accept their help and support.

Be a problem solver

The executive came up with an immediate solution. She had a plan in place to get me a replacement card. When she found out I wasn’t going to be at home on the day card delivered, she modified the plan in a way that worked for me.

Be accountable

Once you identify the challenge or a problem, even if it’s not your problem, be accountable for owning and delivering the solution. Don’t “DUMP” the issue in the other person’s lap. This is what leaders of big companies do.

Have a process in place

Business process management gives you the opportunity to design your processes to support your business and give you a competitive advantage. It provides a clear and global vision of the organization and of its internal relationships. It can help you to build trust.